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Production - In House

State of the art in-house post-production facilities

Artha Creations also boasts of state of the art in-house Post Production Facilities including up to date digital sound studio and editing setups to provide a comprehensive range of high-quality professional post-production services for films, television, animation, radio and other multimedia projects.


Office & Studio Setup

  • 1200 sq.ft. office cum studio,

    • Suite for PPM
    • 3 Editing Suite (FCP & Avid)
    • Complete 5.1 sound studio (Protools)
    • Pantry to serve hot coffee and Tea.

    We have an association with Gravicks for motion graphics and special effects.

Post Production Setup

Digital Film/Video Workstation FCP/AVID
Digital Audio Workstation Protools 10
Mixer Yamaha v2
Microphones Rode
Studio Monitor Sonodyne (5.1)
Audio Interface Digi Design
Head Phones Sennheiser